We plan and deliver complete, turnkey biogas plants with our partners. Individual components such as agitators, pumps and separators are also supplied by us.

In the run-up, we work out detailed profitability calculations of the planned projects with our customers. We attach particular importance to the training and education of the operator staff of  the planned plants. For this we have an education academy in Germany through our partners.

In cooperation with GOLDEX, the manufacturers can offer customers attractive financing in addition to machinery and equipment so that customers can pay half-yearly installments (maturities of 5-15 years) out of the cash flow achieved.

Agricultural equipment

We supply high-quality machines and plants of well-known German manufacturers for all applications in the agricultural sector. The delivery of certified used vehicles and systems is also part of our services.

We offer as well:

  • Tractors
  • Harvesting technique such as combine harvester and maize shredder
  • transport solutions
  • slurry spreading machines
  • seeders
  • wheel loaders
  • wagons
  • barn technique
  • milking equipment

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